1. Fill in the blank with the suitable expression!

Anna : Hello, my name is Anna.

Bob   : Oh, hi, I’m Bob. How do you do?

Anna : ......................................

2. Which expression is wrong from this conversation?

Janet  : Hi, Moms! (1) How are you doing?

Moms : Hi, there! (2) I’m fine, how about you?

Janet  : (3) I am good, thanks

3. What does Zed mean by saying “how are you today?”

Zed     : Mel, how are you today?

Mel      : I am feeling sad

Zed     : What happened?

Mel      : My dog just passed away.

4. What does the sentence ‘nice to meet you’ show?

Mr. Tom          : Good afternoon. Are you new student?

Jessie             : Yes, I am Jessie. I am in the 7th grade.

Mr. Tom          : I am Tom, your mathematics teacher. I will see you in class. Nice to meet you, Jessie.

Jessie             : Nice to meet you too, Mr. Tom.

5. The sentence “how is she holding up” has the similiar meaning as...

Janet  : Do you know that Mel’s dog passed away?

Jim      : What? How is she holding up?

Janet  : She is still in shock now.

6. Read this letter for number 6-7!

Dear Candice,

How are you? Please tell me about your life in Bangkok. I miss you so much.

I am now a student in Johnson Junior High School. I meet many new friends. Overall, I am very happy.


Your friends,



Guess: Who is Jamie?

7. Where is Jamie right now?
8. Fill in the blank with the most suitable expression.

Sean              : ........, Sir. I miss the deadline of the homework.

Teacher         : All right, but don’t do it next time.

9. What is the purpose of Janet saying “sorry to trouble you”?

Janet  : Sorry to trouble you, but where is the public library?

Burke : It is on the West Street.

Janet  : How do we reach the place from this street?

Burke : It’s far from here. Plus the direction is complicated. Just take a cab.

10. Fill in the blanks with the proper prepotitions!

Father            : Jane, where is today’s newspaper?

Jane   : It is ... the kitchen.

Father            : No, there is no newspaper there.

11. Read this short descriptive text for number 11-14!

There is a new internet cafe near my school in Kebagusan. The namce of the internet cafe is Rocky. Rocky internet cafe is cozy and spacious. The place is crowded on both weekdays and weekend. It provides fast internet connection for cheap rate. It gives discount for student, just show your student card when you pay at the cashier.


What is Rocky?

12. How does Rocky look like?
13. When is the internet cafe full of people?
14. What is the advantage of going to Rocky?
15. Which word can also replace the word ‘pardon’?
  1. Susie  : Please open the window for me.

    Jack    : Pardon?

    Susie  : I said, please open the window for me.

    Jack    : All right.

16. What does the words ‘excuse me’ in the sentence mean?

Jim      : Excuse me, Dad. I have an appointment with my friends in 5 minutes.

Dad     : All right, but don’t be late to our dinner, OK?

Jim      : Yes, Dad.

17. Fill in the blank with the most suitable expression.

Sharon : ...............

Mel        : I don’t think it is a good film.

Read conversation for number 18-21

Aris     : Who is Poppy?

Bruce : She is my neighbour.

Aris     : ..................... (18)

Bruce : She is a teacher.

Aris     : ...................... (19)

Bruce : She has short black hair and she is really tall.

Aris     : ...................... (20)

Bruce : No, she isn’t. She is skinny.

Aris     : She likes to take pictures. She is a part-time photographer

19. ......
20. ......
21. .......
Read this short text for number 22-24!

How to Boil an Egg

You need:

1 egg,

1 saucepan,

A litre of water,

What to do:

  1. Fill the saucepan with litre of water
  2. Bring water to boil
  3. Put the egg in the water with spoon
  4. Boil for approximately 4 minutes
  5. Turn off the stove
  6. Drain the saucepan
  7. Serve the egg in the eggcup


  1. “Bring water to boil.”

The sentence means the same as...

23. “Boil for approximately 4 minutes” The word “approximately” can be replaced by...
24. You .................. right before you turn of the stove.
25. Rearrange the senteces to make a good procedural text!
  1. Pour 250 cc of hot water, stir well
  2. Wait about 3 minutes until the porridge thickens
  3. Empty instant porridge and chicken powder into a bowl
  4. The porridge is ready to serve
  5. Add soy sauce, chilli sauce, and crackers

The correct order is...

26. Fill in the blank with the suitable expression.

Mr. Wilman    : Mr. Enoch, would you like to have dinner at my house this evening?

Mr. Enoch      : That sounds good.

Mr. Wilman    : Are you sure?

Mr. Enoch      : ..............................

27. Fill in the blank with the suitable expression.

Jillian : Let’s go to the park.

Brian  : We can’t enter the park at this tour.

Jillian : ..........................

Brian  : Well, I mean they close the park at this hour.